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I tried to reset my Break Into CRE Academy password and clicked the "Forgot Password?" link, but I'm not receiving the email to reset this. Can you help?

When password reset emails aren't sent with an email address you've used to attempt to sign in to the program, this is because there is not an account associated with the email address you've entered within our system. Most commonly, this occurs when members attempt to sign in with a different email address than the one they used to enroll in the program (for example, a university or work email address versus a personal account). If you're running into this issue, make sure that you're using the specific email address you used when you first enrolled in the program, and a password reset email will be sent to you.

When I try to sign into Break Into CRE Academy, I'm prompted to pay for a new membership, but I already have an active subscription to the program. Can you help?

Some members run into this issue if they've used multiple email addresses to create more than one Break Into CRE Academy account. If you know you have an active subscription to the program and you're being prompted to make another payment, make sure you're logging in using the specific email address you used when you purchased your Academy membership (this is the one we sent an order receipt to when you enrolled).

Do you offer any discounts for students or military personnel?

We do not offer discounts on Break Into CRE Academy memberships, including during seasonal promotional periods such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Academy memberships contain a significant amount of value for the price point we charge, and we would love to have you in the program at our current market rates.

Do you offer private, live tutoring via Zoom or Skype?

We are not currently offering private, live tutoring sessions. If you have a specific project you're looking for assistance with, feel free to reach out directly via our Consulting page with more details about what you're looking for help with, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I'm a monthly subscriber and would like to apply previous payments towards an upgrade to the annual plan. Can I do this?

If you've enrolled in Break Into CRE Academy on our monthly plan within the last 30 days, you are eligible to upgrade your membership and apply your initial monthly payment towards an annual plan. Just fill out the form below with your request, and we will be happy to take care of this for you. Out of fairness to members who commit to the annual plan up-front in order to receive the discount, we are not able to retroactively apply past monthly payments to an annual membership upgrade after the first 30 days of a member's initial enrollment in the program.

I'm having an issue with Udemy. Can you help?

Break Into CRE is a third party instructor on the Udemy platform, and because of this, you'll need to contact Udemy directly for assistance with resolving technical issues related to the Udemy website. To get help with any technical issues related to the Udemy platform, we recommend reaching out directly to the Udemy Support team, and you can do so through this link.

What's the difference between your individual courses and Break Into CRE Academy?

Our individual courses include video training, accompanying Excel worksheets to work through the material, and limited Q&A support.

A Break Into CRE Academy membership takes our coursework to the next level, not only giving you access to all 20 Break Into CRE courses immediately upon enrollment, but you'll also get instant access to our entire library of acquisition, development, and waterfall models for multifamily, industrial, office, and retail properties, over 100 sample Excel interview exam questions and case studies, exclusive access to the Break Into CRE Analyst Certification Exam, and access to private, members-only, email-based career coaching to help you take the next step in your CRE career.

If you're only looking to work through one or two courses on a specific topic, enrolling in our individual courses can be an excellent option. However, if you're looking for an immersive, all-in-one training platform with significantly more features, downloadable files, a certification exam, and additional one-on-one guidance, a Break Into CRE Academy membership is what we recommend.

I'm an employer and a candidate has "Break Into CRE Analyst Certified" on their resume. What does this mean?

The Break Into CRE Analyst Certification Exam is a rigorous, 50-question exam which tests an Academy member's abilities in real estate pro forma and development modeling, commercial real estate lease modeling, equity waterfall modeling, property valuation, and various other real estate financial analysis techniques. Based on our experience working with institutional commercial real estate firms, the skill sets tested within this assessment are indicative of the skill sets required of analysts and associates at top real estate investment, development, and lending companies across the United States.

I have a career-related question. Can you help?

Absolutely! However, out of fairness to Break Into CRE Academy members who pay a monthly or annual fee in order to receive access to one-on-one, email-based career coaching, we're only able to provide career advice to Academy members with an active subscription to the program. If you're looking for more guidance on your own unique career situation, you can check out all the details of the program and what's included within the Break Into Academy membership through this link.

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